DAM Guide – Photo library software: what can it do for your company?

Within your company, you’re beginning to have so many photos and multimedia files at your disposal that you’ve decided to search for a solution to manage them better. The solution is simple: you need to implement a photo library! If you’re still not sure or you want to know how to set up such a tool at your company, our teams should be able to help you see things more clearly: after telling you more about DAM, we’ll look a little closer at photo libraries.

Having a photo library at your company offers a real advantage for the teams who have to use photos, videos, images, and other visuals every day, such as the marketing and communications teams or the art department. Indeed, a photo library can both save time and boost efficiency:

All of your photos and multimedia files will finally be stored, and thus centralized, in a single tool. Your teams will no longer have to waste time trying to identify who has the photos and videos from the company’s most recent event or communications campaign.
All of the visuals can be sorted in a directory, and also indexed. That way, whenever one of your employees is looking for a particular photo, all they’ll have to do is perform a search using the tool’s internal search engine. Of course, that requires that you take the time to index each photo: that can take some time initially, but after that, it will save you a lot of time.
The photo library has a number of very useful features: for example, your teams will be able to more effectively manage the rights for each photo, which may not be possible without access to the right tool. You’ll also be able to download photos in multiple formats from the software and distribute them to the right people in a matter of seconds.

Ultimately, the photo library will help you professionalize the way in which you manage your photos, videos, and other multimedia files from day to day! Your teams won’t be able to live without this tool once you’ve installed it at your company!

The way a photo library works is fairly simple. You can import the multimedia resources of your choice into it to store them there securely. Then, you’ll be able to sort, index, and search for them, and even download and distribute them. All that from your comprehensive photo library tool!

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It’s settled: you’re going to implement a photo library at your company. If you want to create your tool from A to Z, that could take some time because you’ll have to develop the software, either in-house or by an external company. In any case, first you’ll have to create a complete database with all of your company’s visuals. That way, when the photo library is ready, all you’ll have to do is import all your images, along with their information, from the database.

Of course, there are also turnkey photo libraries. For example, our Ephoto Dam software is easy to use, intuitive, and incorporates digital asset management (DAM) features. It’s a comprehensive solution for effectively managing all your images, photos, and other visuals from your photo library.

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Whether it’s for a company, a local government, or another public-sector entity, a database is an essential tool, particularly for multimedia files. Indeed, every day, these different organizations have to manage an ever-increasing volume of images, photos, and other visuals. While a database can centralize all of these files, managing them will be completely impossible or, at best, very complex.

While a database is an essential tool, it’s not necessarily very intuitive to use, especially in large organizations. Thankfully, the database can be integrated into DAM software: doing so will make it much more transparent and efficient to use!

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You know that it’s important for your company or your public-sector entity to implement a photo library as soon as possible.

If you have questions about implementing photo library management software, you can contact our team to discuss any issues you may have. We are happy to answer all of your questions, but also to help you choose the photo library software that will best fit the needs of your company or public-sector entity. To contact us, just fill out the contact form on our website or call us at +33 (0)5 86 16 06 66 to talk with one of our advisors.