DAM Guide – Digital asset management for optimal organization of your digital resources

We are a software publisher offering a digital asset management (DAM) solution for companies and public-sector entities. Available since 2007, this solution has, of course, added many features over the years and each new version even more effectively covers the needs of organizations with the highest standards.
DAM has become a necessity for companies and public-sector entities seeking a secure, practical solution for managing their digital resources. However, to truly understand why DAM is a necessity, you have to first understand what digital asset management really is. And that’s precisely what we’ll tell you about on this page. After that, we’ll explain why it’s important to use DAM software and we’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right one.

At companies and public institutions, digital content has quickly become very important. However, up to this point, within your organization, you’ve just been amassing digital content, including images, photos, videos, music, and presentations. The files aren’t sorted and you don’t know how to take advantage of them. Additionally, they are not stored on a secure server. If you recognize your own situation in this description, then it’s time to invest in digital asset management (DAM).

But what is digital asset management? Behind this technical term is a concept that’s actually quite easy to grasp. Indeed, DAM is the concept of managing, organizing, and distributing all kinds of digital content. Furthermore, it also includes storing said content in software: it’s much safer than storing content on a computer’s desktop and it facilitates the usage of digital resources within an organization.

If you store your digital content in a computer, you expose yourself to the major risk of losing all of your data. Indeed, storing your files this way does not protect you from a computer crash or from malicious acts. This can be a serious problem for personal data, but it’s even more complicated when you have resources belonging to a company or to a public-sector entity: you have to remember, that content is an asset for your organization! DAM solves this problem for you: if you choose DAM software that fits your needs, you can securely store digital resources within it. Better yet, with a DAM solution, you can back up all digital resources, no matter their format. That’s yet another advantage for their day-to-day management!

You have a lot of digital content, especially photos, at your disposal. However, you never use that content because it’s impossible to sift through: how are you supposed to find a particular photo in a disorganized collection? Furthermore, you don’t necessarily know how to share your content with the right people. Don’t worry: with digital asset management, you can finally better organize and more effectively distribute your digital resources.

Now that you know exactly what digital asset management is, you must want to know more about DAM applications. If you’re wondering why DAM software is essential for companies and public-sector entities, who are having to manage more and more digital resources every day, the explanations that follow should help clarify things for you.

It’s very simple: using DAM software is strongly recommended because it turns your digital resources into a strength for your organization! Of course, to achieve this, it’s important to choose a powerful tool offering many features.

For example, our Ephoto Dam digital asset management software.

Ephoto Dam includes an artificial intelligence module. With it, the tool is able to mark the geographic locations of photos, as well as recognize shapes, buildings, and faces. This will allow you to very precisely search through your photo library, saving you precious time and giving you the certainty of finding the resources that best fit your search.

But that’s not all. Your DAM software should make life easier for your organization by effectively sorting, archiving, and storing all of your digital resources. It also allows you to index them in the software with a high level of detail so that you can more easily find them later.

Digital asset management software also offers you a very high level of security. You won’t have to worry about piracy. Furthermore, even within your own organization, you can manage different user rights for your users. For example, your communications department may have more user rights than other teams in your organization.

Thanks to these few pieces of information, you can now see much more clearly why DAM software is essential when you want better management of your photo library. However, you still may not be sure about how to choose the best solution for the needs of your company or of your public-sector entity. Lucky for you, our company has developed two distinct offerings for companies and for public-sector entities. Indeed, we know that they don’t have exactly the same needs and expectations. We even have a custom DAM offering that perfectly adapts to the DAM constraints and needs of a very specific activity!

If you want to learn more about our software offerings or about all of the features of DAM tools, check out our pages dedicated to these topics: we’ll tell you more so that you can make the best choice for your company or public institution.

This page has provided you with some valuable information about digital asset management. Reading it, you’ve surely realized that it’s imperative for your organization to invest in a DAM solution as soon as possible. Indeed, you may find yourself in a situation currently where you store your digital resources wherever you can, but you struggle to use them effectively within your organization or even to distribute them externally. This situation is totally unsurprising if you don’t have digital asset management software to help you implement a methodology and a process.

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Ephoto Dam is the digital asset management and photo library management solution developed by Einden. Since 2007, as the application’s publisher, we have been constantly improving our software to provide our customers with the highest quality of service. Thanks to Einden, your company or public-sector entity can take advantage of a DAM solution that perfectly fits the needs of your project. Since 2007, numerous organizations in both the public and private sectors have decided to place their trust in us. That list includes La Poste Group, Kuoni France, Stade de France, Laboratoires Théa, Rustica, and Handicap International, as well as France’s Grand Est region and Seine-Saint-Denis department. What if your organization was the next to put its trust in Einden and its DAM solution?