Einden (Studio) was founded in December 1998 when the internet was really just starting to change lifestyles in France and revolutionize the business world. Based in Châtellerault, France, Einden meets the needs of its customers looking for innovative web tools for communication that allow them to differentiate themselves to give a boost to their presence on the web. Einden and its team have developed special expertise in the development of web applications, custom websites, and the processing of images in all their forms.

Historic building of the Einden company
Former headquarters of the company in Châtellerault

The exponential production of digital data used every day by businesses and public-sector entities has made it essential to use digital asset management tools. The purpose of these tools is to organize and improve the flow of each phase in the media life cycle: creation, sharing, distribution, and archiving.

As soon as it was launched in 2007, the “ePhoto” full-web photo library software became a big success thanks to its intuitive interface and its innovative features. The next year, the company upped the ante by launching a SaaS offering.

In 2011, with the support of BPI France, Einden developed ePhoto 3. This version marked a turning point for the company: a major upgrade for the interface, the addition of location services, facial recognition, the contact sheet editor, advanced management of rights, and sharing and distribution on social media. Version 3 introduced many innovative features. The last update, version 3.13, came out in June 2020.

Interface Ephoto Dam version 3.0

Version after version, customer after customer, Ephoto Dam has expanded the scope of its features offered to become Ephoto Dam, one of the leading solutions in France for digital asset management (DAM).

In 2021, Einden launched version 4 of Ephoto Dam. What’s special about this version is its ability to bring together different users in a single, collaborative, productive space. Thanks to its strong modularity, its workflow features, and its many plugins, you can bring your teams together to generate value from your media.

Screenshot of the new interface of the Ephoto Dam 4.0 solution
Intuitive and collaborative, Ephoto Dam 4 organizes your media and enhances their uses in a single space

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