einden_team(14)EINDEN STUDIO

EINDEN STUDIO, creator of Web and Mobile communication tools since 1998, is the publisher of the Digital Asset Management ePhoto software since 2007. The EINDEN STUDIO team, composed of computer specialists, graphic designers, marketing professionals and iconographic archivists, accompanies clients in optimally managing their multimedia resources.


ePhoto DAM : boosted by innovation !

rd_diapoThe ePhoto media library software stems from a development process conducted entirely in-house by our teams. This choice has given us full autonomy and flexibility to integrate ePhoto into current and future information systems.

Available either as an « SaaS » (« Software as a Service ») subscription or as a license (purchase of use rights), the ePhoto DAM software has been designed for private or public sector professionals seeking to streamline as much of the day-to-day management of their multimedia content as possible, by further reducing time spent on a range of repetitive tasks, e.g. archival, indexing, search, sharing and publication.