DAM Guide – What advantages can DAM offer your organization?

Understanding digital asset management (DAM) is essential for all companies and public-sector entities looking for an effective solution for optimizing the management and usage of their photo libraries. In particular, you may be wondering: what are the advantages of a DAM solution? Will using one really have a positive impact on my organization? The answer is yes! The Ephoto Dam team will explain the advantages of DAM for your company or public institution.

The number-one advantage of DAM is that it will save time for your employees and co-workers. And as everyone knows, for companies, time is money. What’s more, organizations both big and small tend to run short on time: there are so many tasks to be accomplished and only so many hours in a work day.

Let’s take a concrete example: the photo library. Currently, you have a large number of photos and multimedia files, but they’re not organized in a photo library. That wastes a lot of your time on a daily basis:

You don’t know who in your organization has the visuals you’re looking for.
When you do have access to the visuals, you waste a ridiculous amount of time viewing each one since you can’t search by keyword, by location, or by person. For example, all of the photos are stored in the same place, without any real sorting.
Transferring a visual from one person to another, even within the same department, can also take time if the file is large.

Instead, if you decide to implement DAM, you’ll very quickly be able to save valuable time:

Each user can access visuals thanks to the DAM software: no more looking for who can provide them; you and the rest of your team will all have access.
Simply searching by keyword will show you the photos that you need: this is much faster than having to look at each photo to create a selection.
No more need to transfer photos: they’re automatically downloadable.

Saving time also means making your teams more efficient! Indeed, the people working for you will be able to work more independently and under better conditions. Let’s take an example from before DAM implementation:

The communications department wants to create a poster. To do so, it needs visuals featuring the various members of the executive team.
The communications department doesn’t have those photos at its disposal and thus has to bother the marketing department, the web department, and even the company’s photographer to ask for the visuals.
Whoever has access to the visuals has to send them to the communications department. The files are large and it takes some time for the communications team to receive them.
Once the poster has been created, it’s not shared within the company’s various departments, even though doing so would be great for the marketing and web departments.

In the end, with an organization like the one described, your teams face constant interruptions and can no longer really work under optimal conditions. Your various teams also aren’t able to have effective exchanges.

When DAM is implemented, everything is easier and thus much more efficient: photos and all multimedia resources are centralized in a single tool and you can find the ones you need in a matter of minutes.

Companies and public-sector entities simply can no longer get by without digital asset management. When it comes down to it, DAM doesn’t just boost efficiency and save time: this software is also ideal for boosting teams’ creativity and investment. If you want teams that are invested in their work, then invest in DAM!

The advantages we’ve just explained apply to all organizations, whether private, public, or quasi-public. However, when using DAM, you’ll also realize that there are other advantages that only apply to your organization and its specific needs.

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