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Digital Asset Management

Ephoto Dam is your turnkey solution for centralizing your media. Communications staff, your partners, and your users can all search for, manage, share, and reuse digital content across many formats from a single source.

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Mobile app

A simple way to access and share your media when you’re on the go or at an event.

Just use your smartphone.

Ephoto Dam plugins for Adobe CC

Save time on searching for media for your Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom Classic creations.

Edit, create, import, and manage your versions without any limits.

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Ephoto Dam for your CMS

Directly import your images, videos, and documents from Ephoto Dam into your WordPress 5 or Drupal 9 CMS in the right format.

That way, you can control the consistency of your brand and guarantee high availability of your media.

Plugins for Microsoft products

Take advantage of intuitive, fast access to all of your images directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and SharePoint.

Create your work documents with ease every day.

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Front Office

Simplify and unify access to your images, videos, and documents thanks to your personalized front office.

Unified access to your media library, configured to fit your image and responsive design.

Front Runners 2021

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iMac, iPad, iPhone and MacBook with Ephoto Dam software interface. Dark theme and light theme

The Ephoto Dam digital asset management and photo library management solution is the greatest partner for enterprises and public-sector organizations for their needs to protect and distribute their media. The solution organizes and improves the flow of each phase in the media life cycle: creation, sharing, distribution, and storage. What’s more, you can optimize your work time thanks to automation of repetitive tasks and increasing integration of artificial intelligence.

Photo of David Drujon from La Poste Group

La Poste Group


Einden’s offering blew us away!

“We first surveyed the land before launching our request for proposals,” explains David Drujon. “We then met with several software publishers, but it was Einden’s offering that blew us away. Since they’re a smaller company than the other candidates, we weren’t expecting their solution to be as strong as it is in terms of intuitiveness, performance, the user experience, and features.”

Photo of Mélanie Rocha from Théa Group


Mélanie ROCHA

Take ownership, enrich, and make good use of your media library

“We were looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that would offer us multiple forms of access, help us save time when uploading and downloading media, and be capable of supporting the source files from our graphics teams so that our various subsidiaries could use them and adapt them for local markets. So, our goal was to centralize all of our files and media while making it possible for each subsidiary to take ownership, enrich, and make good use of our media library,” says Mélanie Rocha.”