DAM Guide – Learn how a photo library works

If you’re taking a closer look at DAM, it’s probably because you’re looking to implement photo library software at your company or public-sector entity. However, you may still be unsure because you’re not very familiar with how photo libraries work. Because of this, you don’t know if this tool will meet all of your needs. Don’t worry: our team will explain in simple terms how DAM software works!

If you don’t currently have a tool to centralize all your photos and other multimedia files, you can solve that problem with a photo library. Indeed, each time you need access to new visuals, you’ll be able to transfer them into the tool: that way, they’ll be stored securely. To make it easier to search for them, you can immediately sort them in your directory. You can either transfer photos one at a time into your photo library or you can transfer a large volume of photos all at once without any problems.

The reason you’re interested in having a photo library is that it will allow you to easily find your multimedia files in a single search. Indeed, this is a very useful feature. However, you should note that to achieve this goal, the indexing fields for files must be properly filled out by your teams. You can automatically import this information from a database, but your teams can also do it manually in the photo library. This is handy if you realize that there’s an error somewhere.

How about editing a photo in the photo library: can I do that? Sadly, no: the photo library may offer many features if it’s coupled with DAM, but it can’t fill the role of photo editing software. If you wish to edit an image, you can download it, then carry out the modifications in a photo editing application. However, once you’re done, we recommend that you import the new version of the image back into the photo library without replacing the previous version: that way, your teams will be able to access all versions of the same photo. This is useful when you want to preserve a history of actions.

Photo library: a powerful tool for distributing photos and other visuals throughout your company!
At your company, the issue you have is not the storage of photos, videos, and other multimedia files, but rather distributing them within your team or to people of your choice outside your organization. Don’t worry: with a photo library, each user can download the photos and other visuals that they need, as long as they have the required permissions, of course. For security reasons, we recommend that you only grant permission to people in your team. However, if someone in your team wishes to send a batch of visuals to someone outside your organization, that’s no problem: in just a few clicks, you team member can send their selection of multimedia files via email!

You now understand how the photo library works in theory. But perhaps not on a practical level. Rest assured: before choosing to invest in the Ephoto Dam photo library solution, you can first try it out for free for one month. This will allow you to better understand the software’s features, while also integrating its usage little by little into the daily work of your teams! There’s no better way than a one-month trial to realize the important role that this software can play in the daily operations of a company or public-sector entity!

Are you interested in how our photo library software works? You want to know more about this subject? Do you want to make sure that this tool will really meet all of your team’s needs? No need to worry: the Ephoto Dam team is available to answer any questions you may have!

You can contact us so that we can discuss your photo library project with you. After talking over your needs and expectations, we will take time to reassure you and present to you all the features of our tool! Interested in talking with an Ephoto Dam advisor? Don’t hesitate to complete the contact form on our website: someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible using the contact information you provide. Otherwise, you can call us directly at +33 (0)5 86 16 06 66 to talk to a member of our team!

After you talk with us, all that’s left is for you to subscribe to our photo library and DAM software. Of course, you can try it out for free for one month if you still need a little help making your decision!