DAM Guide – How is DAM useful?

Over the past several years, you’ve been hearing more and more about digital asset management, or DAM. Up to this point, you’ve never paid much attention to this concept, thinking it was just a fad or a gimmick of little use. However, if your teams regularly encounter difficulties in managing their digital resources (photos, videos, etc.), DAM is a useful tool that can make their everyday tasks easier.

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Just 10 years ago, organizations could get by without digital asset management: they had digital resources, but not in such large quantities. As such, it was possible to manage them from day to day. However, that situation didn’t last: every day, organizations are acquiring more and more digital content. And that’s not all: we’re also using them more and more every day. Visual communications are here to stay!

That’s why DAM has been in such high demand in the last several years: it’s becoming impossible for organizations to manage their digital resources without a real strategy.

Each DAM tool is different, but to summarize, here are some of the features of digital asset management that should make life easier for your teams:

Storage of digital resources in multiple formats: your teams will have access to all of your images, photos, and other multimedia files from a single application. This is much more secure, and also much more practical.
Creation of a directory to sort visuals and more easily find them.
Indexing of each multimedia file to facilitate identification of each visual.
A powerful search engine for finding photos and other visuals by keyword, but also thanks to shape recognition and location services.
Distribution and sharing of photos and other multimedia files in just a few clicks.

This handful of features is really very useful: for example, your communications team will no longer have to ask each department to provide visuals. What’s more, if new digital media are created from photos (e.g., an infographic), those media can also be added to the tool, where they can be viewed by all. This saves time and boosts efficiency for all: that’s the promise of DAM!

You now better understand the usefulness of DAM, but you’re asking yourself: is this tool recommended for companies or for public-sector entities? In fact, it’s very simple: DAM is for all entities needing to manage a photo library, as well as a large volume of other digital resources.

As such, DAM can be useful for both companies and public-sector entities. However, at Einden, publisher of the Ephoto Dam digital asset management solution, we understand that the needs are not exactly the same between the private sector and the public sector. That’s why we offer two approaches, for a DAM solution that perfectly meets the needs of each organization: Ephoto Dam offers features and indexing language adapted to your organization that you can really use every day!

If you want to learn more about our various offerings, that’s no problem: our advisors can explain which solution is right for you! Do you want to know who we’ve worked with in the private and public sectors? Since 2007, we’ve been working with all sorts of organizations: La Poste Group, Kuoni, France’s Grand Est region, Alain Afflelou, Areva, Laboratoires Théa, France.tv, the Beijing Airport, a French water agency, Handicap International, and more.

As you can see, our DAM solution fits the needs of large organizations. However, using our software can also offer a big advantage for SMEs: we adapt to the needs of all organizations!

You’re very interested in DAM software because you no longer know how to store, manage, and distribute the content in your photo library. It’s settled: you’re going to equip your company or public institution with a DAM tool. All that’s left is for you to choose one of the solutions offered on the market.

Einden’s Ephoto Dam solution is perfect for you: it offers numerous useful features! Before you make your choice, don’t hesitate to contact our team: one of our advisors can explain to you all of the features of our DAM software, as well as the many advantages it can offer your organization. If you’re still not sure after talking with our team, you can also ask for a free one-month trial of our DAM software: that way, you’ll have the opportunity to better understand just how useful this tool is.

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