DAM Guide – DAM: a strategic tool for digital transformation

You may not be very familiar yet with the concept of digital asset management. However, you want to better understand DAM to effectively incorporate this tool into your teams’ daily work.

What’s important to understand about DAM is that it helps companies and public-sector entities accelerate their digital transformation, which is increasingly important in today’s internet-driven world.

Our specialists will answer the question: how is DAM a strategic tool for digital transformation? But first, a little reminder of the background.

About 15 years ago, companies and public-sector entities began gradually going digital. At the time, digital formats still made up a minority share of media. Organizations, both public and private, were just beginning to have digital content and resources at their disposal. Because there were so few files, it wasn’t entirely necessary to sort them or store them on a special server.

However, very quickly, traditional formats were replaced by digital formats. And the number of digital files has multiplied. Initially, it wasn’t necessarily complicated to manage them. After a time, though, organizations found themselves with new digital resources every day to index, sort, and store. They needed a new strategy to optimize the management of their digital resources.

Let’s talk about managing digital resources! It’s important to note that it’s impossible to manage digital content in the same way you would more traditional content. Indeed, the volume of digital media is greater and they come in different formats.

Without the right software and proper sorting, it’s difficult to create a selection of resources based on a given theme.

That’s why it’s important to implement a real strategy dedicated to the management of digital resources:

They must be stored on a secure server.
They must be accessible for all… or for a select few!
They must be sorted in a directory.
They must be indexed to facilitate searching.
It must be possible to publish them in just a few clicks.
It must be easy to transfer them.

Is your organization going through a digital transformation? We recommend that you integrate a DAM tool into your daily work: it will make life much easier for your teams.

Indeed, DAM will truly make it simple for you to implement optimal management of your digital resources. DAM software will allow you to store, sort, index, publish, search for, and transfer all of your visuals in just a few clicks. What’s more, it’s also a very smart tool: if you search by location or by person, it will show you the photos that you need for your selection.

DAM is a tool that facilitates digital transformation because it saves you time and allows you to work much more efficiently. Rest assured: if your teams aren’t used to working with DAM software, it’s not a problem. They’ll quickly learn to use it. In addition, once they understand the advantages of DAM software, they will keep using it in the long term.

It’s settled: the digital transformation of your company is underway! And to succeed in that transformation, you’ll need to invest in digital asset management software. Indeed, at your company or public-sector entity, you have to deal with a large volume of digital data: because of this, it’s essential for you to quickly come up with a solution.

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