Whether you’re a private enterprise or a public-sector entity, you have to deal with the proliferation of large multimedia files, numerous versions, and the emergence of communications strategies that increasingly rely on digital media.

Ephoto Dam will become your greatest ally for your communications and marketing campaigns, as well as for showcasing your brands. We have developed a complete, adaptable DAM solution that will optimize the management of your media content.

Screenshot of the new interface of the Ephoto Dam 4.0 solution
Intuitive and collaborative, Ephoto Dam 4 organizes your media and enhances their uses in a single space
  • Create accounts, assign user rights, create order forms,
  • Configure your users’ access rights, including for viewing, downloading in low, medium, or high definition, and partial or full indexing,
  • Delegate tasks and assign the roles of your group, indexing, and ordering managers,
  • Create one or more personalized watermarks and/or dynamic signatures to protect your media against any fraudulent use,
  • Manage your usage licenses and your usage policies,
  • Set the date for withdrawing media whose rights will expire using automation tools. Many actions can be programmed with precision: publication, archiving, withdrawal, and expiration of rights,
  • Configure reminder notifications for planned automated tasks,
  • A personal notification center allows you to view in real time all of the messages you’ve received: order confirmation, album sharing, modification to user rights, sending of batches, and much more.
  • Import using drag & drop, FTP, hot folder, from your smartphone, or via an API, and keep all your metadata with the file,
  • Automatically import your purchases made from commercial image databases like Adobe Stock,
  • Add to your automatic indexing thesaurus, sort your media, and add search criteria.
    Use your custom indexing language and your personalized filters,
  • Take advantage of automatic visual filters: type of media, orientation, dominant color, saturation,
  • Optimize your storage space and delete duplicates thanks to our algorithms for recognizing similar images,
  • Automatically generate subtitles for your videos,
  • Create new versions of your media when they’re changed or distributed: straighten, rotate, crop, generate different ratios, and edit your images thanks to image processing tools,
  • English, French, Spanish, Dutch, and more: take advantage of multilingual indexing and an interface that’s already been translated into seven languages.
Screenshot of the Ephoto Dam interface and its zoom functionality
Get total control over the life cycle, usage, and distribution of your media

Use contextual search filters and the plain text engine, set multiple search criteria, share on social media or via an API, and get shareable versions of your media in just a click.

  • Plain text search.
  • Search by contextual criteria.
  • Search history and favorite searches.
  • Location services and facial recognition.
  • Collaborative project space to make your teams more efficient.
  • Control your budget for purchasing visuals by getting the most out of your current and future media thanks to centralization and powerful search.
  • Post to all of your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Flickr, directly from your DAM software.
  • Share your selections and carts in real time with your teams and partners while managing rights and roles within the share feature.
  • Automatically generate intermediate formats from your original media to meet your specific needs.
Screenshot of the Ephoto Dam interface: the broadcast feature
Promote your brand by easily sharing to all social media platforms

Integrate Ephoto Dam with your IT system thanks to plugins for the Adobe CC suite, Microsoft Office 2019, Akeneo, Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, and SharePoint. Interface Ephoto Dam with your central authentication system (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Lotus Domino, Azure SSO, PingFederate, LDAPS, ADFS, CAS, Shibboleth, etc.).

View usage statistics for your software and optimize its integration: the most downloaded media, most frequent searches, most active users, searches with zero results, etc.

Create combined reporting tables with your key indicators from the statistics dashboard.

The Ephoto Dam software was designed with security built into its architecture. We comply with recommendations from industry, like OWASP code reviews and tests. With each new version, the solution has been audited numerous times, both by our own initiative and by request from our customers. We do black- and gray-box intrusion testing, as well as source-code audits. Your DAM solution and all of your data are stored on our France-based hosting platform. If needed, we also have hosting infrastructure in North America and in Asia. All of our infrastructure complies with the same security requirements.

Einden, the publisher of the ePhoto DAM software, and OVH, its host, are committed to protecting personal data, particularly with Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default, and privacy-enhancing technologies.

Choose SaaS mode and benefit from secure hosting at very competitive prices.

With our offering in SaaS mode, Ephoto Dam commits to:

  • Reducing the number of visits from our expert teams. Demonstrations, installation, and training are mostly done online. Additionally, we offer you an online help and support tool.
  • Optimizing storage space by automatically deleting duplicates and streamlining multimedia databases.
  • Reducing the energy consumption of data centers. Our partner OVH has been committed to these efforts since 2003, notably having created an exclusive liquid cooling system for its servers.

Search, share with your colleagues or on social media, and access and view your entire media library on your smartphone while you’re on the go. Take photos and add them directly to your library via the Ephoto Dam mobile app. You’ll find them in your personal drop space so that you can index and distribute them.

For your graphics creation team, get the benefit of Ephoto Dam plugins for the entire Adobe CC suite. Access Ephoto Dam from your Adobe software to search for items, find your albums, view your media, and send your creations directly to Ephoto Dam. Create versions from your Adobe software, then find and distribute them with Ephoto Dam.

Screenshot of Adobe InDesign and Ephoto Dam plugin
Improve the flow of the graphics creation process with our plugins for Adobe CC

Using dedicated extensions, supplement your media library with Ephoto Dam. Integrate your media into your pages when they’re created by accessing Ephoto Dam directly from your CMS. Generate your various desired dimensions on the fly while benefiting from high availability of your media in Ephoto Dam (usage of a CDN). Media remain stored in Ephoto Dam; when they’re distributed, statistics are updated in the application, where you can view them.

Screenshot of Ephoto Dam plugin for Wordpress 5
Easily create pages from your regular CMS thanks to our plugins

When creating your Office documents in your everyday work, you no longer have to work through many interfaces. Access Ephoto Dam from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint. Search for media, as well as access your albums and search history, to drag & drop your desired media into your document. No more worrying that media files will be too big. Ephoto Dam takes care of providing a version that will guarantee optimal viewing without making the final document file too big.

Screenshot of Ephoto Dam plugin for PowerPoint
Create your Microsoft Office documents faster and more easily

In an environment 100% configured to your style guide and featuring responsive design, organize the way your users will access your media. Share with them selections of media, curated content, and featured items thanks to the intuitive, easy-to-use interface of the front office. Enable public access, delivery, and collaborative work from this interface to keep your users in a familiar visual environment. Create search filters, the full wording of the site, modes of access, and account creation and indexing forms directly from the front-office administration interface.

Do you have a team of developers and web designers? Develop your own platform or integrate your DAM with any tool thanks to our open, documented APIs.