From understanding their needs, to providing technical expertise, to tracking their projects, we support our customers every day with the implementation of the Ephoto Dam digital asset management solution.

We offer training on Ephoto Dam for all of your user types: administrators, contributors, or ordinary users.

Training can be carried out online or on-site, in a day, a half-day, or several half-days. We offer a number of different training programs so that you can choose the one that fits your needs. All of the paper and digital training materials are provided by our documentalist trainers (training booklets and complete guides).

We also offer custom training in which the agenda is established with you according to your specific needs and how you use the Ephoto Dam solution.

Woman facing a computer screen
Our training can be carried out online or on-site

Indexing support involves studying your media library and your workflow to provide you with a complete indexing language.

This indexing language includes a thesaurus of keywords, a directory of collections that enables access to the media library, a description form for media, and configuration of groups of user rights. We integrate all of these elements into Ephoto Dam for you after you give your approval. You will have control over all of the elements of the indexing language throughout the life cycle of your media library. Thanks to our expertise, you’ll benefit from controlled, robust, structured, and scalable indexing language that complies with current indexing standards. By studying your needs and usage, we are able to offer you a custom indexing language that will result in successful searches for your users and an easy-to-use indexing guide for your contributors.

Our integration of your existing media involves removing duplicates from your media, integrating your media into Ephoto Dam, and integrating all of your existing indexing.

For data already structured (in other software, for example), we implement indexing while offering to standardize and unify your metadata. For all unstructured data, thanks to the usage of the file directories where they’re stored and the processing of Exif metadata, we index and add descriptions to your media. What’s more, image recognition (using IA) enables us to add descriptive keywords to images without any. Integration of existing data is part of the expertise of the Ephoto Dam team. Having done several hundred data integration projects with different tools, both internal and from competitors, we have developed real savvy with this task. Our experts have developed drivers for transferring data and have advanced, precise knowledge of the structures of complex databases.

Our data hosting contracts guarantee 24/7 access to your data, an SLA of 99.9%, and upgrades for as long as you use Ephoto Dam.

Given the profiles of our customers and the types of data we host, we have always paid very special attention to performance and security, from our source code to our infrastructure.

Our servers are located in France and are spread across three data centers of our partner OVH, the European data hosting leader.

  • Our production infrastructure is made up of clusters replicated in two geographically distant places (Roubaix and Gravelines, France),
  • The processing cluster is based in servers equipped with Nvidia GPUs to guarantee optimal performance,
  • The storage cluster, distributed and replicated in Roubaix and Gravelines, France, is backed up every 15 minutes,
  • The backup cluster, which is geographically distant from the production cluster, is replicated in Gravelines and Strasbourg, France, with retention for one year.
Storage servers in a data center
Our storage cluster is distributed across two geographically distant data centers

Our system administrators ensure external and internal monitoring of our infrastructure with proactive surveillance of traffic, systems, and services. Security is reinforced at every level: our HIDS, NIDS, and IPS tools monitor data streams between services and on the servers. Additionally, our partner OVH analyzes traffic upstream from our infrastructure with its service that protects against DDoS attacks.

The Ephoto Dam solution and our infrastructure are audited each year at our request or by request from our customers. This includes auditing of source code and black- and gray-box intrusion testing.

The content delivery network (CDN) of our partner OVH guarantees widespread distribution of media to all public websites, whether they be front offices, image databases, e-commerce websites, or social media.

To meet your international needs, we also have infrastructure in North America (OVH data center in Montreal) and in Asia (Alibaba Cloud data center in Hangzhou). While each infrastructure is autonomous, it’s possible to synchronize a portion of your media libraries to enable your teams to easily collaborate.