For many years now and in many different sectors, the Ephoto Dam team has implemented projects covering a range of needs, from the simplest to the most complex. These user case studies present some of our customers’ experiences with implementing the Ephoto Dam solution, shedding light on the needs covered by DAM.


For our industrial and manufacturing customers, Ephoto Dam is the media expert for complex IT systems. It provides websites with images and videos, makes it possible to share selections of media with partners, and also integrates with product information management (PIM) systems, product management systems, and quote generation software, helping companies showcase their brands and their expertise. Ephoto Dam delivers media to all platforms that need images thanks to features enabling widespread distribution and sharing.

2 robot arms weld a metal part
Panoramic touristic photo of a traditional and sunny seaport


Using images to showcase a region or a tourism offering is one of the challenges for players in the tourism sector. Ephoto Dam meets this need thanks to interoperability with content management systems (CMS) while guaranteeing strong availability, providing compatibility with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, and offering features like user-right management with fully customizable planned tasks.


Thousands of communications and marketing professionals use Ephoto Dam on a daily basis to showcase their brands and their businesses. These professionals have chosen the digital asset management software Ephoto Dam and the support of its experienced teams for the technical and organizational implementation of their DAM projects.

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Facade of a city hall

Public Sector

Our public-sector customers have turned to Ephoto Dam for many different needs, including integrating data coming from different sources, describing and filing items according to current standards, and handling distribution via a single media platform to limit storage costs while ensuring optimal promotion of image assets.

Media & Publishing

Thanks to Ephoto Dam’s ability to centralize and segment media libraries, our media and publishing customers have made it the central platform for their image and audiovisual productions. As a platform that enables exchanges between producers, photographers, documentalists, archivists, graphic artists, journalists, and authors, Ephoto Dam is the expert one-stop shop for digital asset management. When distributing media to web platforms and publication creation tools, Ephoto Dam also manages copyrights and royalties owed when media are used.

5 press magazines are open next to each other
Education case study


Every day, our educational institutions face new challenges. With the ability to group entities together and share management resources, the implementation of a photo/media/video library offers a major opportunity for optimizing their communications. Educational institutions also have to guarantee the consistency of their institutional image and uphold their own standards and values. With Ephoto Dam, it becomes so much faster and easier to explain the added value of an institution, initiate and develop relationships with personnel and students, or simply make the institution’s activities more visible.