DAM Guide – Video library software: who is it for and why?

In this DAM Guide, we’ve talked about photo libraries and about DAM. But not about video libraries. Yet, DAM is not just for managing photos. DAM software allows you to manage all kinds of digital resources, notably multimedia files. For this reason, we want to take a closer look at video libraries: you’ll be able to see how this tool can facilitate your teams’ daily tasks!

When it comes down to it, a video library is just like a photo library, except that you use it to manage videos instead of photos. It’s important to note that companies and public institutions alike are investing more and more in video content for their communications. Video is a very attractive format that can be used to communicate messages in a way that differs greatly from photos and other visuals. For this reason, it can be useful to utilize video library software to store, sort, and protect your videos!

If you’re interested in DAM, then you know that it can be used to manage all sorts of digital resources. That means that you can absolutely use DAM, via a video library, to better manage your videos.

Video library software is for all organizations, whether in the public sector or the private sector. It is especially useful for organizations using videos more and more often, to the point that they’re not sure how they’ll manage them without software. Indeed, if your company has just 10 videos, a video library won’t be nearly as useful: you can manage them without software. However, if you have a hundred videos, then video library software can prove to be very useful.

So, are you wondering what features a video library can offer? In fact, that can vary greatly from one application to the next since publishers do not necessarily offer the same modules.

Ideally, if the video library uses DAM, it should allow you to store and protect your videos. It should also allow you to sort them in a directory, search for them using keywords, distribute them, download them, etc. When it comes down to it, these features are very similar to those of your photo library.

Indeed, photo libraries and video libraries are complementary tools. However, your teams don’t necessarily need these as two separate applications to function well: it all depends on the digital resources that your organization must learn to manage int its daily operations.

If, in your regular work, you have to deal with a large volume of photos and videos, the smartest option is undoubtedly to choose a complete DAM solution that includes both photo and video libraries. That way, you can centralize all your digital resources in a single tool: this will save even more precious time for your teams! This is especially useful because, in general, the same people have to work with both photos and videos: your communications and marketing teams, your art director, etc.

As you look deeper into your own needs, are you increasingly realizing that your company needs a video library? If you find yourself in this situation, please contact our team: we will be able to discuss your project with you and recommend for you a complete solution that will allow you to manage both photos and videos! Don’t forget that Einden is the DAM specialist thanks to our Ephoto Dam software: as such, we have the perfect solution to offer you.

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No matter the solution you’re looking for to manage your digital resources, rest assured that DAM will help your organization take things to the next level. DAM will make your teams’ daily work easier while increasing your chances of achieving your sales goals! Don’t underestimate the power of well-managed digital resources!