DAM Guide – How can you manage copyrights in a photo library?

Within your public-sector entity, you’re considering implementing multimedia software to optimize the management of all your visuals. That’s a great idea: once your teams get used to using that software, they’ll wonder how they ever lived without it. But what about managing copyrights? Can the DAM tool help you with that issue? Rest assured: thanks to Ephoto Dam, it’s never been simpler to manage copyrights! Let our experts explain how.

If you’re used to working with visuals on a daily basis, you already know: there are images not under copyright, images with managed rights, and images that can be freely distributed. If you want your public-sector entity to uphold the law, you simply cannot neglect copyrights, at the risk of being fined. That means you can’t use an image with managed rights under all circumstances, unlike images not under copyright. For images that can be freely distributed, there’s yet another problem: you can distribute them without any problems, but you can’t necessarily modify them like you would an image not under copyright.

Within your public institution, you may be asking this question: how can you identify how each photo can be used? The solution is actually very simple: by using a DAM tool!

To easily manage copyrights within your photo library, all you need to do is add the features of DAM software. By doing so, every time you add new photos to your DAM tool, you’ll be able to indicate if images are copyright-free, can be freely distributed, or have managed rights. In the end, the modalities for usage and distribution will be indicated for each photo, which will prevent your teams from making mistakes that can be costly for your organization.

Imagine this situation: your communications department needs three visuals to prepare a document. The communications team can use the photo library software to find those visuals. They can simply indicate a few keywords and use the search filters: they can choose to only see images not under copyright or images that can be freely distributed. That way, your teams won’t waste time having to verify how each visual can be used.

However, be careful: this means that you must make extra sure to complete this field for all media in the software! Checking twice is better than once!

If the matter of managing copyrights has convinced you to use digital asset management software, then you’ve made the right choice: copyright is undoubtedly a very important consideration in the public sector!

But do you still have questions about this? If you want to know more about how DAM will help your teams with managing copyrights in their daily work, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team: we will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can get in touch using the contact form on our website or by calling +33 (0)5 86 16 06 66. Our goal is simple: to reassure you about using DAM software at your public institution!

And if you’re still not sure, note that you have the option to try out our DAM software for free for one month! That way, you can really discover all of the ways our DAM tool can help you.