DAM Guide – DAM or database: which solution is best for your public institution?

In your public-sector entity, you have to manage a constantly growing volume of visuals. Because of this, you’re realizing that you really need to adopt a multimedia management solution to facilitate the work of your teams. They could be much more efficient with a bit of help!

However, you’re not sure which tool is the best fit for your public institution: DAM software or simply a database? Check out the recommendations from our specialists!

Whether you choose a digital asset management application or a database, what you need to know is that using a tool to manage your digital resources is crucially important! Indeed, such a tool will allow you to centralize all of your photos, and that’s precisely the need you have currently. For example, if within your organization each department has its own images, photos, videos, etc., but doesn’t share them, that’s really not ideal. Using a tool to manage your digital resources will allow you to improve collaboration between the different departments in your public institution.

Databases are essential for collecting information. However, when it comes to using one, it’s not the best solution, especially if you have a large volume of visuals. That said, a database can offer you a basic level of management, but before long, your teams will feel like they’re stuck: searches will not be optimized because databases are rarely very ergonomic tools. Additionally, it’s important to note that databases don’t really enable collaborative work: if you want to improve the way you work together within your public-sector entity, a database will not help you achieve that goal.

Unlike an ordinary database, DAM software is a complete, powerful tool that’s also, importantly, very flexible and pleasant to use. The big advantage of DAM software is that it offers numerous features. With DAM, you can manage visuals in many different formats, download them in a matter of seconds, attach copyrights to them, and also facilitate collaboration between departments by assigning tasks to each team.
What’s more, contrary to what you may think at first glance, photo library software perfectly fits the specific needs of the public sector. It goes without saying that it’s best to choose a solution that was designed for public institutions and has been proven effective, and that is indeed the case with our photo library software!

Are you still on the fence because you’re having trouble imagining how you’ll use the DAM software in your daily work? Einden has a solution to offer you with its Ephoto Dam photo library software: how about you try our software for free for one month? That way, you’ll have the opportunity to try out all of the tool’s features. You’ll be able to see what differentiates DAM from an ordinary database. Of course, you’ll just be using a trial version: the software set up for your public-sector entity will be customized!

Do you still have questions about our DAM tool? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team. We will answer all of your questions so that you can really get to know our tool. Fill out the contact form on our website or talk to one of our advisors by calling +33 (0)5 86 16 06 66! We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to all of your questions!