Showcasing media is one of the major reasons why companies pursue DAM projects. In addition to improving file management, implementing a DAM solution improves the user experience and optimizes the overall media life cycle.

A company’s DAM project is intrinsically tied to the optimization and efficiency of processes related to media within a marketing or sales strategy. In addition to centralizing media and adding descriptions to them, a DAM tool should be able to streamline distribution and all actions related to media.

In this example, the indexing structure is dictated by the range of products and services. The added value of indexing comes from implementing a file directory structure that allows users to easily add and modify indexing language. Indeed, because the company’s products and services are constantly changing, users have to be able to add and delete items in the indexing structure without jeopardizing the consistency of searches and the ease of indexing.

With the structure in place and the data integrated into Ephoto Dam, there was still the issue of how to create a great user experience. Naturally, the answer was to create a custom front office.

More than just a media library website with the company’s branding, the front office promotes an excellent user experience. At the request of the company’s salespeople, instead of having users just do plain-text searches, hoping to get the right result, the website is organized into sequences of portfolios, designed to guide users toward what they’re looking for.

Screenshot of the Potel & Chabot front office

As such, based on an adaptable indexing structure, the front office gives access to media through differentiated gateways, portfolios, and sequences so that users don’t have to search for items with a traditional search using indexing language. The portfolios are fills with media based on indexing elements, characteristics, product codes, the type of media, the product line, and the type of product. The indexing work carried out in Ephoto Dam thus adds to the portfolios accessed through the front office. That said, plain-text search is still available, but it’s contextualized to the portfolio where the user is looking. It goes without saying that such websites use responsive design to guarantee high-quality access on mobile devices.

For other users who do work preparing quotes, this company also chose to integrate Ephoto Dam plugins for the Microsoft Office suite in order to integrate product images directly into quotes. Images coming from Ephoto Dam via the plugins are automatically resized to optimize the final file size.

Screenshot of the Potel & Chabot front office

For salespeople on the go, the front office is a custom, easy-to-use promotional tool with a user experience and accessibility designed for easy navigation, helping showcase media instead of just providing a simple response to a request.