Woman with bare shoulders wearing virtual reality headset over her eyes

Artificial intelligence meets DAM

Artificial intelligence is a technology that’s constantly evolving, and it promises to allow DAM to take a giant step forward. This technological innovation has made it possible for indexing to progress and get even better. As we know, indexing is a mechanism that’s not always easy to implement. It can […]
iMac computer and iPhone phone showing pictures of flowers, balloons and water. Behind the screens, the wall reflects purple

Does your company need a DAM system? 

Do you find yourself continuously creating databases to try to better organize your media resources? Are you using all sorts of free management and storage tools to preserve your data, to the point that the situation has gotten too complex? Clearly, you need to migrate to a collaborative platform for […]
Yellow Kangoo car of a letter carrier of La Poste on top of a hill in front of a chapel

La Poste Group: now using the Ephoto Dam solution

La Poste Group was having trouble managing and organizing all of its media and thus began a search for software capable of responding to its many needs. A lack of organization, the absence of indexing, and wasted time were all factors that pushed the Group to seek out an effective […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.12. We see containers on ships

Ephoto Dam 3.12: new horizons

The new version 3.12 has been released and has a number of surprises in store for you. New features have been added to help you effectively manage your digital assets. Don’t wait: check out Ephoto Dam 3.12! Search tab Refine your searches A new faceted search module has been added. It will […]
black and white artistic photo of a child presenting his hands to the camera

Laboratoires Théa put its trust in Ephoto Dam

Founded 25 years ago, Théa Group has become one of the largest European pharmaceutical companies specializing in ophthalmology. Today, the company has 27 subsidiaries worldwide, making the work of its marketing teams much more complex. These marketing teams must constantly maintain fluid communications with their colleagues throughout the world. Centralization of media […]
2 MAC computers on a desk, showing folders with pictures

Do DAM and PIM software complement each other?

Are you looking for software that will enable you to centralize all of your media and information related to products on your e-commerce website? Maybe you already know that there are digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) tools, but you’re having a hard time deciding which to […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.11. The photo is taken in height, view of the buildings in New York

Ephoto Dam 3.11: innovation abounds

It’s here! Version 3.11 of Ephoto Dam has arrived. Our users are thrilled and can’t wait to check it out. Innovation is the watchword in this new version, which will leave you stunned by its many new features. Search tab With an expanded list of sorting criteria, Ephoto Dam can now […]
2 heating thermostat

Atlantic Group chooses Ephoto Dam

Since 1968, Atlantic Group has specialized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, including boilers for homes and other buildings. With its 2,700 employees and its 10 brands, Atlantic Group generates €610 million in revenues. With a very large team and thousands of media to manage, the company needed digital asset management software. Atlantic […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.10. Photo of corals in the water

Ephoto Dam 3.10 : so much to discover

Discover version 3.10 of Ephoto Dam, which guarantees that you’ll be able to better use the software to manage your media content. Login page Did you forget your password? Don’t worry, the “I forgot my password” function has been upgraded. Now, instead of sending you a new password, there’s a complete […]
Photo of a lake with mountains and a rowboat on the water

Ephoto Dam, a partner for players in the tourism industry

Since the launch of the Ephoto Dam software in 2007, our teams have supported many players in the tourism industry with optimized management of their digital media (photos and videos) to showcase their destinations. To facilitate the implementation of their resources and advertising tools, as well as support the various […]