Representative photo of version 4.1 of the Ephoto Dam solution integrated in a rounded rectangle

Ephoto Dam 4.1: DAM at the heart of innovation

Version 4.1 of Ephoto Dam, a version that has been hotly anticipated by our users, has arrived! We offer you a selection of 10 new features, out of the 60 that the new version has, which will enable you to make the most of your digital assets. Shall we take […]
Representative photo of version 4 of Photo Dam

Ephoto Dam 4.0: the new generation of DAM

It’s here: the new version, Ephoto Dam 4.0, has been released! The new interface, new smart search facets, advanced versioning, and new plugins for WordPress 5 and Drupal 9 will surprise you and help you effectively showcase your media and your image. Ephoto Dam 4: A new design Ephoto Dam got a fabulous makeover […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.13. We see 2 stone statutes on a grass hill

Ephoto Dam 3.13: new features and optimization

With each new version, Ephoto Dam is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. Our team is always improving the software and aiming to innovate to facilitate the work of Ephoto managers and help them get the most out of their audiovisual assets. Now, version 3.13 guarantees optimized usage […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.12. We see containers on ships

Ephoto Dam 3.12: new horizons

The new version 3.12 has been released and has a number of surprises in store for you. New features have been added to help you effectively manage your digital assets. Don’t wait: check out Ephoto Dam 3.12! Search tab Refine your searches A new faceted search module has been added. It will […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.11. The photo is taken in height, view of the buildings in New York

Ephoto Dam 3.11: innovation abounds

It’s here! Version 3.11 of Ephoto Dam has arrived. Our users are thrilled and can’t wait to check it out. Innovation is the watchword in this new version, which will leave you stunned by its many new features. Search tab With an expanded list of sorting criteria, Ephoto Dam can now […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.10. Photo of corals in the water

Ephoto Dam 3.10 : so much to discover

Discover version 3.10 of Ephoto Dam, which guarantees that you’ll be able to better use the software to manage your media content. Login page Did you forget your password? Don’t worry, the “I forgot my password” function has been upgraded. Now, instead of sending you a new password, there’s a complete […]
Representative photo of Ephoto Dam version 3.9. Photo of a high landscape, with mountains and bridges

Ephoto Dam 3.9: an incredible new version

Version 3.9 has been released! Check out its new features. Library You can now get a download link for a selection with an unlimited duration of validity. Selection Fast access to the public link for sharing an album: After you share an album, you can directly access the public sharing link […]