ePhoto DAM overview

During today’s « all digital age », the number of multimedia elements (e.g. photos, videos, PDF files, drawings) keeps growing and has become more than ever before a strategic challenge to managers responsible for iconographic collections, marketing / communication services and information systems !

=> You’re working in the communications or marketing department of an enterprise, authority, advertising agency or any other organization !

=> You’re required to manage an increasing number of photos, videos, sounds or other types of communications-related files !

=> Your media are stored and archived on various supports, e.g. internal/external hard drives, CDs, making their use less convenient !

The ePhoto full Web DAM application has been designed and developed to optimize day-to-day an increasing number of media and brand assets.

By reliance on simple and fast indexing, an intuitive and personalized search function, dynamic sharing and a secure means of publication, you’ll manage your media (photos, videos, PDF files, etc.) using a Web browser or via mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

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A quick and targeted search thanks to a powerful search engine, and a modular and intuitive directory structure built by keyword, geolocation and facial recognition.


Where moving, browse and share your  medias by mail, even feed your assets. Wherever, whenever using your smartphone.


Select the media type, create your albums and share them instantaneously in complete security with your colleagues and partners on your Website, blog, Intranet, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, as well as on Web portals.


In just a few clicks or by dragging/dropping, index your photos, videos, sounds and documents, either in batches or by the unit, by keywords, geolocation, facial recognition or fact sheets.


Oversee access to your media with simplicity and security ! To run ePhoto optimally, define user profiles and rights so as to authorize or refuse: consultation; downloads in low, medium or high definition; and use of partial (mandatory fields) vs. total indexing.


Two options : ePhoto is available either installed at your site or else hosted on our secure servers. Take full advantage of the powerful features available in ePhoto without any capital investment and without assigning maintenance tasks to your teams.