Specializing in ophthalmology, Théa Group offers a complete line of products for preventing and caring for pathologies of the eye. Based in France in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, Laboratoires Théa is currently present in over 25 countries. This makes the work of its marketing team complex as they have to produce consistent communications worldwide.

Photo of Mélanie Rocha (Laboratoires Théa)“We regularly exchange different graphical elements (studies in PDF format, videos, packaging, visuals, photos, etc.) with our international subsidiaries,” explains Mélanie Rocha, digital project manager at Laboratoires Théa. “Our job is to manage, facilitate, and share our media database with our other subsidiaries“.

Until recently, to do this media sharing, the company was using a platform called Extranet, which had become obsolete. “We needed an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that would help us save time when uploading and downloading media, would offer multiple forms of access, and would be capable of supporting the source files from our graphics teams so that our various subsidiaries could use them and adapt them for local markets.” Since the company operates internationally, the platform also had to be intuitive and customizable, while also complying with certain requirements for security and the management of user rights.

We needed an intuitive, easy-to-use platform

As such, Théa Group’s ambition was to centralize all of its communications files and media. “We also wanted to motivate the subsidiaries so that they would help expand the media database and give it life,” adds Mélanie Rocha. “That’s why we established a framework because the platform is only intended for marketing staff. However, it can also be a source of inspiration for other staff, encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practices”.

Initially, the company considered using SharePoint, but this solution from Microsoft was found to be too limited. “We decided to go for a DAM solution and get access to a true media library given that we have a lot of corporate videos adapted into local languages, for trade fairs, for example,” says Mélanie. Among the company’s other requirements, the platform had to be responsive and accessible on mobile devices, and also offer tracking tools. “That way, we can know which country is the most active on the platform, who views and downloads media, etc.,” says Mrs. Rocha.

Mélanie Rocha and her team have personally handled the integration of Extranet files into Ephoto Dam. Today, the solution hosts over 3,000 media and includes over 130 users, who were first trained on how to use the tool. They also have access to a user guide and FAQ if needed. The company’s users now appreciate the simplicity of exchanging media within the platform, the time that it saves them every day, and the autonomy that it offers them.

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The teams from Théa Group and Einden worked together to come up with an “experience” for visitors to the Théa Portal. Navigation is both intuitive and contextualized, is oriented by product line/product or subsidiary/media, and no longer uses a classic search engine with keywords, for example. To top it all off, the database is becoming quite large.

Testimonial collected by Eric Le Ven, Archimag
Photo credit: © Jean-Baptiste Huyn