Bigben Group, a corporation made up of around 20 companies around the world, operates in various industries, including video games via the company Nacon, smartphone accessories via Bigben Connected, and audio via Bigben.

It became clear to us that we needed to find a solution for managing our media.

In 2017, it became clear to us that we needed to find a solution for managing all of our sources of media shared more or less effectively between our employees, working both on-site and remotely. We also wanted to enable qualified external partners to access certain data at any time without additional authorization.

The Ephoto Dam platform enabled Bigben Group to optimize the management and availability of media content.

When we created our DAM, we had just six local servers. Each server had a different file structure, archiving system, and naming system. On each server, contributors had different user rights for writing and modifying data. Given that situation, we had to harmonize all of our data to improve both security and efficiency.

Creating a single place to centralize all of our data, according to very clear specifications, enabled us to eliminate some of our local servers, share specific information at any time with logged-in users, easily update data, avoid duplicates, boost efficiency, and allow any user to access information at any time from anywhere.

Screenshot of Bigben's image bank

Isabelle Houzet
Head of Marketing
Bigben Interactive