We chose the company OVH to help us build a powerful and competitive SaaS mode for our DAM offering, and here’s why: OVH is present on every inhabited continent, with over 27 data centers worldwide; offers secure buildings; protects against DDoS attacks; offers anycast DNS and a CDN; has reasonable server costs; offers innovative and eco-friendly infrastructure; and more.

The DAM market is undergoing rapid change and practices are constantly evolving. Our partnership with Serda Group/Archimag strengthens our expertise thanks to careful listening to and understanding of the needs and expectations of companies and public-sector entities in relation to digital asset management (DAM) and photo/media library management.

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Given the profiles of our customers and the types of data hosted, we have always paid very special attention to performance and security, both in the Ephoto Dam application and in our hosting infrastructure. The Ephoto Dam digital asset management solution and the related data are hosted in SaaS mode on the French and North American hosting platforms offered by our partner OVH, the European leader for cloud infrastructure.

Since 2003, OVH has been working to reduce the energy consumption of its data centers, notably by designing an exclusive liquid cooling system for its servers. OVH is constantly innovating to reduce the amount of electricity needed to operate its data centers.

This reduces the energy costs of servers, with direct benefits for our customers. Our system administrators ensure monitoring of our infrastructure with proactive surveillance of equipment, systems, traffic, and services. Our HIDS, NIDS, and IPS tools monitor the internal traffic of our infrastructure. Our partner OVH strengthens external security with its service that protects against DDoS attacks.

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Einden’s leadership has made its commitment to quality a component of its strategy since the launch of Ephoto Dam. This commitment to quality is shared throughout the company and supports the requirements for a customer-centric organization.

This dynamic contributes significantly to the advancement of the company’s priorities:

  • Strengthening expertise related to DAM features and photo library management,
  • Adapting products and services to meet the needs of our customers,
  • Reinforcing Einden’s strategic priorities.

For these same reasons, Einden maintains a close partnership with Serda Group/Archimag, which offers a broad range of products and services, including:

  • carrying out surveys on usage and satisfaction,
  • publishing multi-client market studies,
  • custom technology monitoring studies,
  • writing white papers.