Because ePhoto has been designed for occasional as well as regular users…

A simple, quick and intuitive search function yielding pertinent results

Its search engine spans the most intuitive searches (based on a term, collection, keyword (from a thesaurus) to the most advanced using customizable criteria: date, descriptive field, format, rating, face, photographer’s name, nighttime photos, etc.

The search step is facilitated by built-in suggestions upon inputting the first letters. Keywords, reports, collections …

In just a few clicks, ePhoto instantaneously locates the multimedia files corresponding to your criteria.
Your searches are recorded for quick access any time in the future !

You can create individual searches using a directory structure you’ve set up. Sort your media by using the associated criteria: date, keyword, photographer, descriptive fields, formats, ratings, faces.

« We decided to design a digital asset management (DAM) software that takes into account a diversity of users and their photographic collections. »



quick search with DAM software ePhoto

intuitive search with digital asset management software ePhoto








Using an algorithm specially developed for ePhoto, initiate a search on a photo to immediately locate similar photos (shapes and force lines).

Thanks to your photo library software’s geolocation and facial recognition functionalities, the most relevant search results will instantaneously appear.

For each user’s comfort, ePhoto presents a wide choice of displays for your media and corresponding descriptive data : mosaic, list, full-screen, customizable contact sheet in PDF format.

The chaptering management function allows you to browse from one chapter to another within your videos. Video reading and navigation are improved by importing the chapters file created by your montage software.

For every type of search in your media library, a dedicated search tool is available !